We don't have firm plans for our trip after Christmas of 2018, but our end goal is to drive to the southern tip of South America (Ushuaia, Argentina).

We'll have to rent a shipping container to cross the Darien Gap in Panama/Colombia and we'll need a lot of paperwork and vaccines for us, Barley the dog, and Turtle the car.

Here's our route for spring 2018 through spring 2019.

Please reach out if you're along our route and would love to meet up while we're in town! We're always looking for hiking/climbing partners and would love to grab a beer with you.

To see our full route, check out our plan! These semi-detailed maps only show our route for 2018.

Our Route for April 1 through May 31

We leave Denver on April 1 and go on a whirlwind tour of the American Southwest, Southeast, and Midwest.

Our Route for June 1 through early September, 2018

We return to the Rocky Mountains, explore Canada, and visit the Pacific Northwest.

Our Route for early September through the end of 2018

We cross into Mexico and spend Christmas in Belize.