July Expense Report for El Perro Tambien

We’re going to start doing these expense reports a bit differently starting with our July expense report. Since I (Kayla) am the one who writes this monthly report, we’re just going to focus on my finances. Why? I’m a bit lazy. Andrew sends me his finance spreadsheet at the end of the month, and it takes me forever to sift … Read More

Border Collie vs. the Wildlife of Burnaby, British Columbia

What. A. WEEK! We’re staying in a renovated sunroom in Burnaby, British Columbia. Burnaby is what you call a suburb of Vancouver. The AirBnb is pretty and well-lit, but it’s been excruciatingly hot since coming to Burnaby. Kayla and I have been doing a lot of early morning runs and late night – which takes me to the height of this … Read More

A Dog’s Eye View of Victoria, British Columbia

I like the north, that’s that. While I haven’t had quite as much freedom as when we were in Wisconsin, I’m back to running and hiking and swimming. Holy bacon biscuits, that feels good to say! We took a late ferry over to Canada last Friday. I got pretty stressed out on the boat. There were a lot of people … Read More

A Collie without Borders: How to Bring a Dog to Canada

I’m a collie without borders! Yesterday, Andrew and Kayla learned that it’s super easy to bring a dog to Canada. We took a ferry from Washington to Victoria, British Colombia. They showed the agent my vaccination records, and that was it. Turns out it’s super easy to bring a dog to Canada. But let’s back up. It’s been a while … Read More